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3PL or "Third-Party Logistics," that's us - Veltri Logistics!


Think of us as the middle-men (freight brokers), who act as the missing link that connects you (the shipper) and your products (your freight), to your satisfied customers. 

What is the missing link, you ask? The transporting (transportation logistics).

At Veltri Logistics, we handle transportation logistics for businesses by determining the best shipping, storing, delivering, and various other aspects that businesses and their success rely on.

Veltri Logistics will:

  • Simplify your supply chain

  • Deliver your goods efficiently and on-time

  • Support our partners' on their path to success

Based on the information provided above, below you can find various types of logistics services we provide based on your specific business shipping needs. Reach out today to talk to an expert!

Are you here on behalf of your business' shipping needs?
Are you confused by the logistics terminology?

Are you trying to ship your products from one location to another?

If you answered, "YES" to any of those questions above,
Veltri Logistics is here to help!


Let's break it down...
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Veltri Logistics

Your Product

Your Customer

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Drop Trailer

A drop trailer is a truck trailer that the driver leaves (or “drops”) at a shipper's facility, warehouse, or specific location for unloading or loading at the receiver's convenience. Either the original driver or another driver returns to pick up the trailer at a pre-arranged time.

Veltri Logistics offers drop trailer services to our customers who ship consistent volume.


The benefits of our drop trailer services include:

  • Better service levels

  • Convenience and flexibility

  • Possible low shipping costs

However, there are also specific times that a drop trailer service is not beneficial. The professional team at Veltri Logistics helps guide you through your best options for each unique shipping transaction.

Full Truckload Freight (FTL)

A full truckload freight or FTL benefits our customers who have large shipments to fill an entire semi-trailer. Typically an entire truckload starts at one origin and is delivered to a specific location or client. 



Some features and benefits of FTL freight include:

  • Security and tracking

  • Offers faster shipping than LTL

  • Suitable for high-risk or delicate loads

  • Ideal for large shipments

  • Cost-effective for larger shipments

Veltri Logistics streamlines customized solutions to help make your complex shipping transactions more efficient.

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Trucks Parked In Line
Less-than-Truckload (LTL)

A less-than-truckload or LTL benefits our customers who have smaller shipments that do not fill an entire semi-trailer. Typically a LTL is shipped with multiple businesses parcels. Less-than-truckloads routing is usually not directly to the receiver and can take longer for your shipment to be delivered. 


Some features and benefits of LTL freight include:

  • Security and tracking

  • Suitable for businesses with flexible delivery dates and times

  • Ideal for smaller shipments

Veltri Logistics streamlines customized solutions to help make your complex shipping transactions more efficient. Reach out for more information today!

Flatbed Hauls

A flatbed trailer is a typical open deck equipment that has no roof nor sides. Although it can be tarped, it is mainly used for transporting heavy and indelicate goods such as machinery, building supplies, or raw materials. Flatbed trailers vary in sizes such as 48', 53' and hotshot trailers anywhere from 10' to 40'. 


Common examples of flatbed hauls:

  • Lumber / plywood / hay

  • Forklifts / auto-parts 

  • Steel / aluminum / concrete 

  • Solar panels

Worried about securing your product? No problem, our experts can help by walking you through different options for straps, chains, binders or even tarps to send your freight safely to its destination. 

Image by Riley Crawford
Oversized Loads

Any shipment that exceeds the standard legal size or weight limits is considered an oversized load. The maximum dimensions for a load can vary depending on location, but typically, a load is considered oversized if it exceeds 8.5 feet in width, 13.5 feet in height, or 80,000 pounds in weight. With specialized trailers like lowboys, removeable goosenecks (RGNs), or step decks, Veltri Logistics will ensure you are never overpaying for over-dimensional shipping. 

Examples of oversized hauls:

  • Custom construction machinery 

  • Heavy equipment such as excavators, dozers and backhoes 

  • Pre-built homes

  • Cranes, utility service trucks, and yard dogs 

  • Trencher drainage machines 

If you need highway deliveries, cross-country super-loads, or simply want to know if your freight qualifies as overweight we're here to help.

Connect with our expert brokers to review dimensions, weights, legality within states, suggested trailer types, permits and/or escorts to streamline your supply chain today!

Refrigerated (Reefer)

Reefer trailers operate with a built-in refrigeration system. Refrigerated trucking is essential for shipping perishable cargo like meat, frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, and pharmaceuticals.

The experts at Veltri Logistics understand the detailed handling requirements of maintaining the quality of your temperature controlled freight.


Our best practices for refrigerated trucking include:

  • Understand the freight and shipping needs

  • Schedule for quick loading

  • Monitor the shipment

  • Follow unloading procedures

Don’t take any risks with your temperature sensitive shipments. Our experts create logistics solutions to handle your cargo with care and confidence.

Smiling Person Standing In Front Of Container Yard

Drayage is the transportation of shipping containers usually coming or going to/from a port, intermodal terminal, or an off-port warehouse. Drayage is an integral part of today’s supply chain needs as international trade continues to develop.


Whether you are importing or exporting you can rest assured your goods are on time, demurrage charges are avoided, and containers are brought back empty.

Typical routes for drayage from:

  • Port-to-port

  • Door-to-port / port-to-door

  • Intermodal terminal-to-door

Veltri Logistics offers complete port work so you can focus on the more important details of your business.

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At Veltri Logistics, you can always expect more than just your freight delivered.  

Monitoring Room
Warehouse Workers in Hardhats


Expert Support

We understand that your success is our success, that's why we're always available to help. Whether you need dispatch, IT, or customer support - Veltri Logistics is staffed with knowledgeable experts, just for you and your business. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

Simplified services for promised reliability from pick-up to drop-off. We provide shipment updates in real-time to prevent any delays in your business and easier payment methods for reoccurring payments. 

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