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Shipper Beware: How Freight Brokers Can Prevent Cargo Theft

Cargo Veltri Logistics, Shipper Beware: How Freight Brokers Can Prevent Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is a serious concern in the trucking industry, and freight brokers play a crucial role in safeguarding shipments. Here's how brokers can fortify their practices to deter theft, and how Veltri Logistics is taking action:

  • Carrier Vetting: Meticulously vet carriers before entrusting them with shipments. Verify FMCSA registration, insurance coverage, and safety ratings. Look beyond basic checks; consider partnering with reputable carrier onboarding companies for a more thorough screening process. At Veltri Logistics we understand how important screening carriers are before it’s too late. That is why we have invested in RMIS , a third-party company that handles our prescreening to offer an extra layer of protection to our customers. 

  • Contractual Safeguards: Solidify carrier liability within contracts. Clearly outline procedures for handling discrepancies, delays, and potential theft scenarios.  With every new carrier Veltri Logistics partners with, signed contracts are a must before any shipment moves. 

  • Tech-Powered Tracking: Another precaution on how freight brokers can prevent cargo theft is by embracing technology for real-time shipment tracking. GPS monitoring allows for constant vigilance over a shipment's location and can deter theft attempts. Our customers' success is our success. Veltri Logistics ensures advanced technology to monitor shipments from start to finish and equips 24/7 expert support for our customers to have help every step of the way.

  • Cybersecurity Awareness: Cybersecurity breaches can expose shipment details to criminals. Implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect your network and data. Train staff on recognizing and preventing phishing attempts. Did you think we’d fall short here? Guess again! Veltri Logistics has an entire IT department to monitor our cybersecurity and handle alerts in real-time. Our safety is of the highest importance for our customers, partners, and our employees. 

  • Suspicious Activity Reporting: Maintain open communication with carriers and shippers. Encourage reporting of any suspicious activity or attempted breaches of security protocols. Veltri Logistics finds value in hiring the right employees who are educated on this subject and feel comfortable to acknowledge suspicious behavior to ensure our customers’ are protected. 

By following these tips, freight brokers can significantly reduce their exposure to cargo theft and ensure the safe delivery of their clients' goods.

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