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Are you here on behalf of your business' shipping needs?
Are you confused by the logistics terminology?

Are you trying to ship your products from one location to another?

If you answered, "YES" to any of those questions above,
Veltri Logistics is here to help!


Let's break it down...

3PL or "Third-Party Logistics," that's us - Veltri Logistics!


Think of us as the middle-men (freight brokers), who act as the missing link that connects you (the shipper) and your products (your freight), to your satisfied customers. 

What is the missing link, you ask? The transporting (transportation logistics).

At Veltri Logistics, we handle transportation logistics for businesses by determining the best shipping, storing, delivering, and various other aspects that businesses and their success rely on.

Veltri Logistics will:

  • Simplify your supply chain

  • Deliver your goods efficiently and on-time

  • Support our partners' on their path to success

If the information above is what you and your business need, input as much of the information in the quote form below and an expert from Veltri Logistics will reach out to discuss the rest. We can't wait to connect!

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Veltri Logistics

Your Product

Your Customer

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Please take a moment to fill out the form below and an expert from Veltri will reach out as soon as possible.

Thanks for submitting, someone from Veltri Logistics will reach out soon!

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