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What Is Retail Logistics?

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Retailers, especially eCommerce sellers, need to move their merchandise from warehouses or distribution centers to the buyer. Retail logistics are the processes used to move merchant inventory from one location to another. A common method for retailers is to keep inventory within their own distribution network, moving products from receiving facilities directly to stores. For this method, disruptions are easily addressed. However, in the 21st century, the retail distribution landscape has changed forever. With the introduction of e-Commerce, and other changes in the industry, supply chain disruption has become a common occurrence frustrating customers and merchants alike. Even the so-called Amazon effect has suffered. As in-person shopping has declined, the demand for reverse logistics has increased. More people are returning merchandise that they ordered online. This increase adds to the complexity of retail logistics. Transportation and retail companies are asking themselves: What are the best options for transporting returned items? Are dropped trailers feasible? Is shared capacity a possibility? Read on to find out and

How Can Retailers Address the Challenges Facing Retail Shipping?

Moving items from point A to B sounds simple, but ensuring merchandise is delivered in perfect condition, on schedule, is more complicated than it seems. Partnering with a logistics company that knows how to use resources efficiently can help retailers reduce the added costs and delays caused by ineffective shipping.

Partnering with a Logistics Company

One way merchants can strengthen their supply chains and minimize the risks associated with today's distribution networks is by partnering with a logistics company like Veltri Logistics. Using cost-effective options for transporting goods, like drop and refrigerated trailers, Veltri Logistics provides flexible solutions to improve profitability and efficiency. We’re here to help provide answers to your questions. With Veltri Logistics' years of experience as a nationwide freight broker, we provide a comprehensive understanding of potential transportation routes and resources for safe, secure and timely delivery of products.

What are Some of the Cost-Effective Solutions Provided by Veltri Logistics?

Some of the methods provided by Veltri Logistics include...

  • Full Truckload Freight Shipping

  • Less Than Full Truckload Freight Shipping

  • Real-Time Tracking Systems

  • Drop Trailers

  • Refrigerated Trailers

Example: What are Drop Trailers?

Using a drop trailer for shipping can streamline the loading/unloading process and ensure timely transport of freight. For this process, a trailer is "dropped" at a location for loading/unloading, freeing up the Driver to hook onto another trailer. The Driver returns after a pre-established time to collect the trailer and its contents. This process can eliminate added fees and improve shipping. This process also allows for better use of employees' time because pick ups can be scheduled according to employee availability.

Why Do Drop Trailers Make Better Use of Employees' Time?

Aligning shippers and carriers to minimize costs is already a challenge that is being made more so by the ongoing shortage of Drivers. Poor coordination and a shortage of labor can result in added fees or late shipments by days rather than hours. Drop trailer shipping is a useful solution because you are able to work more efficiently with your employees. To make the most of employee time and company resources, the drop trailer is loaded/unloaded based on a pre-negotiated time window. This enables employees at the site to coordinate the most efficient way to load/unload freight and avoid dock congestion which is a main cause for delays. Instead of taking up space on a dock and waiting while freight is loaded or unloaded, Drivers are able to drop a trailer on a yard and this saves space onsite. With drop trailer shipping, you have a negotiated window to prepare freight for transport. After dropping off the trailer, a Driver returns after the pre-established time window to collect the trailer and its contents. Scheduling a drop trailer can also reduce costs. In traditional loading process, addressing immediate unloading requirements can disrupt and cause loading delays. Workers may have to sit idly while waiting for one process to be completed before moving onto the next. This is not only inefficient but expensive. Schedule deviations and delays are costly. Drop trailers avoid this because employees are able to load and unload based on their own schedule and coordination.

Finding trucks and drivers, meeting schedules, and coordinating resources efficiently can be overwhelming. Working with qualified experts in the logistics field can help. Veltri Logistics' shipping consultants can help you find solutions at competitive rates to maintain a healthy bottom line. Our experts can help locate resources to ensure your freight reaches its destination on time and in perfect condition. Reliable tracking technology ensures your shipments are secure. You know where your merchandise is anywhere along the transportation route. Every retailer needs quick delivery, but they also need secure transport at competitive rates. With our comprehensive solutions, Veltri Logistics can determine the fastest route to get your cargo from point A to point B. 

With Veltri Logistics years of logistics experience as a nationwide freight broker, we can provide a comprehensive understanding of the transportation routes and resources for safe, secure, and timely delivery of products. Contact us today to see how we can help you navigate the retail logistics landscape.

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