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What Are LTL Freight Brokers?

What are LTL Freight Brokers Veltri Logistics

Managing the process of shipping and receiving goods is often challenging--and requires considerable hands-on attention. Are you using the most efficient methods to ship your goods? Are you contacting a carrier that has the means to manage your inventory? Do you have the confidence you need that your orders will be delivered on time? That’s where LTL freight brokers can help. 

What Do LTL Freight Brokers Do?

LTL freight brokers act as intermediaries between the party shipping an order and the carrier. LTL freight brokers have contracts with multiple LTL carriers and an online system that can look at critical details, including:

  1. How much space the carrier has for orders

  2. How long it will take to get the order from Point A to Point B

  3. The most efficient method to manage those loads

An LTL freight broker can help you find the most cost-efficient method to manage your shipment or help you get your shipment to you in the fastest way possible, depending on your specific needs. 

What Are the Advantages of Using an LTL Freight Broker?

Using an LTL freight broker offers a number of advantages. 

1. An LTL freight broker can help you get the best possible rates on your shipments.

Not only do LTL freight brokers have access to a wide range of shipping carriers, which can make it much easier for them to negotiate a discount that works for you, they may be able to secure bulk discounts due to the high amount of freight they ship on a regular basis. As a result, you can experience significant cost savings, even when you aren't sending through large-quantity orders on your own. 

2. LTL freight brokers can help you secure a reliable shipping partner.

When you're ready to transport your goods, you need to know that your carrier is trustworthy: that they will meet the deadlines they promise to adhere to, that they will take care of your cargo, and that they will help you achieve your goals. For carriers, LTL freight brokers can offer them more insight into shippers' terms, flexibility, and ability to get their invoices paid on time.

3. LTL freight brokers can make sure that all the paperwork is filled out properly and ready to go.

Do you know how your freight is classified, and whether it needs to meet any specific characteristics? Do you know that you've filled in all the necessary information on the paperwork--and how to get more information, if necessary? An LTL freight broker can help ensure that you have filled out everything correctly, classified your freight the way it should be, and provide you with more information about the services you might need for your specific cargo, whether you need temporary warehouse storage or to ensure that your shipment is refrigerated. 

4. LTL freight brokers can make it easier to manage claims when things go wrong.

Sometimes, things happen: something gets broken, or goes missing at some point in the chain, for example. When things don't go according to plan, LTL freight brokers can help chase down lost items, manage a claim, and even talk to insurance companies and authorities on your behalf, which may get things moving faster and help you sort out any problems you may have faced.  Whether you ship large quantities of goods on a regular basis or you simply need to manage occasional larger shipments more effectively, an LTL freight broker can help you achieve your goals.

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