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Getting Started with Freight Logistics

Everything you need to know about getting started with freight logistics Veltri Logistics

Trucks move roughly 72.6% of the nation's freight by weight. That is just one of many statistics calculated and tracked by American Trucking Associations. We live in an economic world where transportation of goods is an everyday requirement. Freight logistics are the solution for many companies and industries to ensure their goods reach their final destination.  Generally, the shipment of goods incorporates logistics experience, workforce, and knowledge to ensure a thriving movement of goods between the conveyor and the shippers. It extends to long distances; therefore, proper planning and coordination are essential. This post will look at everything you need to know about freight logistics.

What Is Freight Logistics?

Freight refers to goods transported in bulk by road, water, air, or rail. Before transportation, it is vital to consider destination, weight, and modes of packaging, and the quantity and type of goods. Trucks are primarily used in freight transportation because of cost and accessibility.

The Aces in Freight Logistics

1. Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders are the agents responsible for organizing freight delivery from the manufacturer to the final destination on behalf of a company or individual. They also divide large consignments into smaller ones to allow easy transportation. Additionally, they make arrangements for freight warehouse storage for their customers.

2. LTL Freight Brokers

These are the transportation intermediary between LTL freight shippers and LTL freight carriers. So what does a freight broker do? A freight broker connects clients who want their freight transported with carriers who can transport the goods. It is important to note that freight brokers do not own either the goods or vehicles used in transportation. Therefore, they are not responsible for any freight damage complaints.

How to Find an LTL Freight Broker

Finding a legit freight broker does not only involve a key search but requires thorough consideration. It would be best to be up to date with the current rates according to freight distance, type, and weight. These are the considerations to look for when finding a good LTL freight broker:

  1. Make sure the broker is insured and licensed.

  2. Services offered. The more services a freight broker provides, the better. Few services are usually restricted and may bring differences over time.

  3. Choosing an experienced broker is crucial because they understand the shipping process better.

  4. Check previous reviews, reputation, and the number of years they have been in service.

  5. Do a background check on the freight broker's financial stability. In case the broker fails to pay the carrier for the freight, you will incur extra costs for paying them.

Logistics Service Providers

Also known as Third-Party Logistics Providers or 3PL, Logistics service providers are institutions used by shippers to outsource different specific services, use Veltri Logistics as your 3PL. These services include warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, transportation, and freight forwarding. Logistics service providers are more knowledgeable and use better technology than freight brokers.

Freight Damage

Choosing a good freight transportation service provider is vital for every business because, in case of freight damage as the supplier, you incur the costs, your reputation, and your relationship with clients. Measures that freight transportation companies put in place to reduce freight damage are:

  1. Proper packaging. 

  2. Use of quality pallets that can hold freight's weight.

  3. Use of informative labels that are easily visible.

Get Professional Trucking Services

Freight damage is one of the challenges most shippers face while transporting their goods, but working with the right trucking service company will help solve the problem. Veltri has been in service since 1973 with proper in-house truck maintenance. At Veltri, equipment is less than two years old with appropriate regular maintenance, guaranteeing minimal freight damage.

Contact us today to learn more about our logistics services.

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